The first edition of ENCI WINNER has just ended and I can only begin my reflections thanking the many exhibitors who filled the showrooms of the Fiera Milano-Rho with their wonderful dogs and with their passion, giving us all a three-day of unforgettable cinophilia. A warm thanks to the whole Board of Directors, who has supported this project at all times and has undertaken a way aimed at growth of all sectors of Italian cinophilia, at institutional repositioning of ENCI and at recovery of a series of activities for too many years delegated to others.

The success or not of the event can be measured on the basis of the objective that was set when the decision to build the three days of ENCI WINNER was born, which wanted to become from the beginning the landmark for the Italian morphological tests and the organizational model for our dog shows. This because without a landmark it is more difficult for the territory to grow. It is in this way that we can intend, for example, the newness in registering the dogs through a program that directly interfaces with the Stud book, the computerized management of the judging rings and Main ring, the search for a location which guarantees large spaces and comfortable placing for dogs and people, plus more novelties and organizational nuances which certainly have not escape your experience. We are aware that the organizational strength of the ENCI is not comparable to that of which the territory can dispose, but it is a duty of the ENCI to mark the way, because the correct selection of the pure breed dog can only go through zootechnical tests which allow the registered subjects to really express their potentiality and to judges to evaluate the subjects in the best possible conditions. The patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, which is really important for us, has sealed the high technical level of the event and the recognized value of Italian breeding’s selection.

ENCI WINNER was born in the wake of the prestigious achievement of the World Dog Show 2015 and confirms, at international level, the degree achieved by the whole Italian dog-loving system. In these days there have been important moments of confrontation with FCI leaders, with members of its committees, with prestigious international judges attending the event, from whom we have gathered a favorable disposition towards the ENCI and Italian cinophilia that was not even thinkable before WDS 2015. They are not just simple compliments, which can please but do not really change anything, but openings to the ENCI system. It is up to us to continue on this way, getting better starting from the 2018 WINNER edition, in order to position us as the most important Show of a Kennel Club which is an FCI member. This is actually our goal, it is useless to hide it, and it's where we must go all together.

A confrontation with the staff will start ever since the coming week, in order to analyze the positive aspects, but above all to identify the targets to improve and the newness to be introduced in the next edition, which will also be the result of the ideas and proposals that many exhibitors have offered us during these days.

On behalf of the Board of Directors a great THANKS to you all.


ENCI President
Dino Muto