Exhibitors can buy parking lots when they enter their dog/s to the Show. For each dog entered you have the right to one parking car on the day the dog is shown. This parking ONLY FOR CARS is inside the fair and the entry is CARGO1 / LARGO NAZIONI.

If you need more parking you can buy places at P1 / P1^ / P2^ (for cars. ^ covered parking) and P5 (for campers and caravans). These are outside the fair. The entry is PORTA OVEST.

The veterinay checks
 are at PORTA OVEST and CARGO1.

Important news to all exhibitors that bought a parking ticket online:

The car tickets will be sent by email after the second closing date. Every exhibitor will have to print it, write his license plate and leave it in sight on the car. Without this document you will not be able to access the exhibition grounds (Cargo 1).